Barbara Kuzara

“Windows of My Mind”

Acrylic-Mixed Media on Canvas, 48″ x 60″

Featured Work

“Dancers Step”

Monotype-Mixed Media – Image 6″ x 8″

“Hidden in the Shadows”

Monotype-Mixed Media – Image  9″ x 12″


Acrylic on Canvas 30″ x 48″

Barbara is a multi-faceted artist whose work includes acrylic painting, printmaking and metal sculpture. Barbara’s work is predominantly abstract with textural surface and composition being very important to her work. The surface texture is achieved through the use of acrylic paint, water-based inks, and handmade or oriental papers.

“My artwork is an interpretation of what struck me, the “necessary”. I have strived to create work that is not an image of what was in front of me, but rather how it made me feel or something I remember about the experience and translating that feeling or memory into something that will strike the viewer with some emotion or memory of their own. With abstract art, the content of the art isn’t there until the viewer puts it there through their interpretation of it”.

Barbara was born in New York City, but has lived most of her life in the Southwest. She currently has a studio in the village of Tubac in southern Arizona. The beauty and serenity of the region has inspired many of her works. She studied Fine Art at Mesa Community College and ASU taking classes ranging from design to photography, drawing to painting. She has continued her art education through workshops with professional artists and recently participated in two monotype printmaking workshops with a Master Printmaker in Santa Fe. It was in these workshops that Barbara developed a real passion for printmaking and experimenting with various printmaking techniques.