Cecilia Calderon


Copper-Mixed Media 30″ x 30″

Featured Work

“Blue Guardian” SOLD

Copper- Mixed Media  Lamp  26″ x 70″


“Tranquil Waters”

Copper-Mixed Media 30″ x 30″

“Grey Guardian”

Copper-Mixed Media 39″ x 66″

If the sum of Arizona’s rugged mountain landscapes and brilliant sunsets could be captured in single works of art, it would be in Cecilia Calderon’s bold and vivid contemporary copper sculptures.

 Calderon’s work elicits deep soul connections to the earth. She experiments with patinas, textures, repousse, etching, oils, acrylics, textiles and plaster, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that resonate with collectors from around the globe.

A native of Mexico City, Calderon studied graphic design, expressing her passion for art through stained glass and sculpture. By 1995, when her family moved to Austin, Texas, she’d already gained a following of architects, designers and private clients. When she discovered copper as a medium, she fell in love.

     Today, Calderon continues to push the limits of texture, color and shape through her work. From striking wall sculptures, to her illuminated “Guardians” series and beyond, her work awakens the bond each of us has to the natural world.