Christiane Barbato

Unique Handmade Stoneware

Featured Work

Each piece is an original, unique handmade work of art. Individual pieces and sets are available. Contact the gallery for details, availability, and ordering process.

I’m one of those lucky people that love their job.  I’m a mom of 3 fabulous people (Niko 22, Chloe15 and Rachel,12). I love music, dancing, talk to friends and family, cooking and exercising. I love the outdoors and nature and I envision my clients like me, spiritual, connected to God, kind, loyal, searching for adventure in life, that love to travel and to make a difference in the world as well. Good hearted people!! I have fun working with the chefs because of their creativity I am able to help them create the perfect canvas that they envision for their amazing menus! 

My daughters love that I’m a potter and they think I’m famous because I was featured in some blogs and magazines! 

I live in Phoenix, Arizona but I was born and raised in the southeast part of Brazil, south Atlantic Ocean. My ancestors were from Germany, Italy, Syria and Portugal and my parents always motivated us to travel to know this beautiful world, so I feel like I’m multicultural! 

With a background in Business and an MBA , I decided by the age of 40 that it was time to do what I love and be happy, so I pursued my ceramics hobby and turned it into my full-time job. I use  texture from different continents.  I have a home studio and I feel very blessed.

My favorite colors are white, off-white, grays, and blues. I also love taking photographs and cooking for friends and family.

Love hiking the mountains around our area and during summertime in Flagstaff and Sedona. I recently rediscovered Yoga, and I love bicycle riding along the canal close to my house.