“Horselaugh “

Stainless Steel

36″ x 24″ x 6″

Featured Work

Debbie Korbel is an artist whose creativity has been applied to various media including sculpture as well as writing television comedy scripts, and song lyrics. Her work has been exhibited in multiple museums and collected internationally, including a public art display in Times Square, NYC.  She is thrilled to include Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith, as one of her collectors.


She has also been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles in including the following in 2020: American Art Collector, and Western Art and Architecture magazine.  In 2021 her work appeared in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine and Southwest Art magazine. Her sculpture will also be featured in an upcoming episode of “Better Things” a show by Pamela Adlon. 


“Everyone knows what it is like to lie on their back and “see” images in the clouds. As an adult, I approach my sculpture materials the same way by standing back and looking for what I “see” emerge.

Korbel is a native Californian and works out of her studio in Los Angeles.


 “Humor, love, beauty, vulnerability, heartbreak—just a few of the emotions we feel on the daily.  If I can get you to see or feel emotion from something I have created, then I have succeeded in making that human connection. We are no longer strangers; we are of like mind—if even just for a few moments.”