Katie Bramlage



Featured Work

“Buff Totem”

Ceramic 28″ x 6″

“Black + White Striped Totem” Sold

Ceramic 28″ x 6″

“Fog Totem”

Ceramic 28″ x 6″

Katie Bramlage

i’m katie b…

…and i make products for treasure-seekers like you who are learning the art of slowing down and crave to reconnect with the essentials.


my work exists at the intersection of high-design, geology and craft.

each piece is made by hand always with reverence to and loose handling of the raw materials.

the result is a beach-washed, unplugged aesthetic that enhances your restorative spaces and reminds you to take a deep breath and unhurry.

i believe our homes should be sacred shelters from the hustle.