Leslie Miller

“Dizzy and Happy” 

Oil and Cold Wax    20″ x 16″

Featured Work

“Crossing Over”

Oil and Cold Wax on Panel

36″ x 24″

“Bouncing Over a Cloud”

Oil and Cold Wax

16″ x 12″


“All I’d Want is You” SOLD

Cold Wax and Oil on panel

36″ x 48″


Leslie Miller

Layers of emotion and color are influential aspects of my oil and cold wax paintings as well as mixed media pieces. Working intuitively and with purpose, each piece ebbs and flows through various layers that could not be achieved in one pass. The same way people are built from many different layers of influence and experiences.

I believe the unique beauty of a person lies where their influences, their values and their experiences coincide. When this is expressed in a painting, I know it is complete. .