“Antique Trade Bead Neck Ring “

Large Millefiori, ‘Skunk’ Trade Beads, Turquoise Discs and Ebony Beads. Sterling Clasp.

Featured Work

“Long Dangly Earrings”

Lightweight Vulcanite earrings with tiny Trade Beads

“Heishi Necklace”

22″ with multi Antique Trade Beads,  Turquoise and Spiny Oyster. Sterling silver closure

“Multistrand Leather Bracelet”

Trade Bead and Turquoise Nuggets bracelet with red Vaseline bead closure

Portrait by Rom Isichei

Inayat (Nati) Almandhary McCarthy is the creative force behind Shanga Bead Creations, a unique jewelry company that feature high quality and collectible antique trade beads.

Nati is African born of Middle Eastern origin currently living in Arizona.  She has travelled around the world and lived in seven cities in four continents.

She discovered trade beads in 2005 while working in Lagos, Nigeria. After some research, an obsessive collection was started. She has travelled to Ghana, Benin and Mali adding to her collection and buying complimentary silver and gemstone beads at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show and in her native Middle East.

Shanga Bead Creations was born in 2015 after ‘retirement’ and moving to Arizona. Shanga, is a Kiswahili word for bead, a connection to Nati’s first spoken language.

The jewelry designs are rich in color, history and ethnic influences from all over the world. Each piece is unique and eye catching.

Nati’s other artistic endeavors include photography, textiles, and mixed media art.